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Aloe-Vera – Nature’s gift to man

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My first article is about the wonder plant called Aloe-Vera.
It’s very easy to maintain house plant as it’s drought tolerant and only over watering can kill this plant.

Aloe-Vera – nature’s gift to man

Aloe-Vera is a species of succulent plant. It enjoys arid climates.
Uses of Aloe: Cut a big leaf from plant, remove top green layer and use clear gel inside for application and consumption.
Benefits of application of Aloe gel: It is good for skin rejuvenation, treats burns, ideal for sun burns, reduces redness of skin, and treats small burn and blisters. Aloe Vera contains over 20 minerals, all of which are essential to the human body. The human body requires 22 amino acids for good health — eight of which are called “essential” because the body cannot fabricate them. Aloe Vera contains all of these eight essential amino acids, and 11 of the 14 “secondary” amino acids. Aloe Vera has Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E.

In India, Aloe vera is believed to help in sustaining youth, due to its positive effects on the skin.

Benefits of consumption of Aloe gel: relieves stomach pain, and relieves constipation.

Caution: Not all aloe vera are edible variety so please be cautious and only consume aloe vera that you’ve picked from a trusted source.  It can be used throughout the year.

How to grow and care for Aloe-Vera:

Planter Selection:  Aloe-Vera requires wide but not too deep planters. They have shallow, spreading root system.  Aloe stays healthier in terracotta planters.

Light: Most Aloe species make excellent house plants when planted in full sun. As aloe plants consist of mostly water, they are extremely sensitive to frost.

Soil: Aloe require sandy, moderately fertile, and well draining soil. Need fertilization ones a year, in the spring. Do not over fertilize. New plants easily propagate from the offsets around the base of mature plants. Keep removing smaller plants to make your main plant stay healthy.

Water: Aloe-Vera plants will survive a drought but over watering will kill the plant. Soak soil adequately and re-water only when the soil has dried well. During the winter months, the plant will become somewhat dormant, and utilize very little moisture. During this period watering should be minimal.